We meet at 12 noon every Wednesday at the Chilliwack Curling Club
45550 Spadina Ave Chilliwack BC

A Message From Our Club President
Vangie Armstrong


It is with great honour and appreciation that I take on the role of President of the Rotary Club of Chilliwack Fraser. In my 15 years as a Rotarian I have become incredibly grateful for the immense support from the members and Board of this club.

Over the past 40 years the Rotary Club of Chilliwack Fraser, its Members, Honorary Members, and past Members we have created a uniquely generous culture that has contributed countless hours of volunteering, fundraising, and fellowship to stay true to its vision and values. Through collaboration, communication, and adaptability its focus shifted to meet current needs in the community and abroad.  

RI President Gordon R. McInally now calls for Rotary to create hope in the world by working for peace and mental wellbeing. He urges members to engage in tough conversations and earn the trust that’s necessary to realize these values.

As president, I will empower my Board and their committees to engage in conversations that will build trusted relationships and an engaged group capable of accomplishing great things while having fun doing it!  With 3 other Rotary clubs in Chilliwack, I recognize that we have a unique opportunity to have a greater impact in the community and my goal is to work closely with those club Presidents.

This year each and everyone of us, as Rotarians and as human beings, has the opportunity to contribute in our own way and CREATE HOPE in our own community and within each other.